• Saida Florexil

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019

I was honored to have been selected to represent Imanyco and the United at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019 (GES) in Netherland.

To be honest, I felt very anxious about attending the event. It was not because it was the first professional networking event I have ever attended. It was because I was fearful about the communication barrier that I was going to experience. And yet, I was willing to face the challenge because I believe in Imanyco's vision more than I ever believe in anything in my life, although my experience at the GES was terrific. I was able to connect with several people.

Before attending the GES, I requested for American Sign Language Interpreters. Unfortunately, I was told that there were only four registered ASL interpreter in Netherland, and none of them were available for the GES. The interpreter agency had to look for interpreters in other European countries; they had no luck.

I saw this as an opportunity to connect with the management team at the GES for future events to provide communication accessible when Imanyco launch its product in the market. But at the same time, I was terrified to hear that. It was like the end of the world in mind. You would only understand what mean if you were in my shoes. Most of us do not wake up every day, asking ourselves this question " how I am I going to communicate with this person?" or spend hours thinking about the communication barriers that you need to face daily.

I was going to a place that is 4,553 miles away from home to meet thousands of high-profile people and innovators from more than 95 countries who speak different languages. Even if they speak English, their accent can be quite challenging to understand, especially for someone who is deaf and rely on lip-reading. So, I asked one of the faculties at the GES if one of my team members could accompany me for communication assistance. Thankfully, they agreed.

Near the last minute, they were able to find two amazing interpreters — one from the United Kingdom, and one from Germany. Even though I had people to assist me with communication, I still faced a communication barrier at the GES side event. There were times where I wanted to escape some conversation because I could not understand some of the spoken words; even so, I challenged myself. However, communication without understanding is meaningless.

I met a few people with hearing disabilities at the GES. They had hearing aids, but they were without communication assistance, and they miss all the panel discussions, speeches, and small group conversation all because of their hearing loss. Some of them traveled over 5,000 miles to attend the event, and yet, they miss some of the most important things. They did not understand what was happening ( it is sad, but it is true). On a situation like this one, Imanyco could have made an impact, which is why my team and I are asking you to join us to make socialization in the world accessible to people with hearing disabilities under any time of circumferences.

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About The Global Entrepreneurship Summit: The GES is a game changer that empowers entrepreneurs and people in business to start building the Future Now.

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